Hi, I'm Liz!

I'll help you capture the now

As a child, I would sit in the middle of boxes of old photographs. Photos of me, of my parents and grandparents when they were younger. People I didn't recognise. I would discover who these people were and listen to the story behind the photos. It's the story that counts, the memory of that moment, captured in a photograph forever. That is what I want to create, for you. For your children and family to be able to look back at, eyes glistening, remembering those little moments. Those memories.

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Who is Liz Corrigan?

Tea drinker, chocolate addict, introvert, Mama to IB and a lover of anything creative .

You will usually find me in the great outdoors with my husband, our daughter and the dog. Or at home snuggled under a blanket planning my next renovation project.

I have always been a creative, having a go at anything I can make or build or craft. It feeds my soul. Photography has been my go to craft for a long time, I studied it at university. I would spend hours in the dark room developing film and processing my photographs from scratch. The processes now are a bit different but my love for every step, from start to finish is still the same.

My main inspiration right now is Love. Your Love. My Love. Just Love. The soft touches from your lover, the tiny arms wrapped around your neck as you hold your child. The sounds of laughter from your loved ones, snuggles on the sofa. These are the small everyday things that make us feel connected. They make up our stories. The small details often forgotten that I want to capture. To immortalise your story so you can remember that feeling right there, forever.